To blog or not to blog? A REALLY hard question...!

Are you there, Blogiverse? It's me Sarah. It's been five months and three days since my previous post...

Although my blogging schedule has always been somewhat sketchy and not really worthy of being called a schedule at all, it's never been this long between posts. It's something I've been pondering quietly for quite a while and I thought perhaps it was time to ponder out loud.

Do I have it in me to keep pretending that I run a blog?

Do I have it in me to stop pretending and do it properly, whatever "properly" looks like?

With the proliferation of social media options and the ability to share with barely one click of a button, is a blog still necessary?

Am I holding on to it out of guilt for the ten years of time that I've had it, much like the guilt associated with that expensive dress that you keep in your wardrobe, even after you've long grown tired of it/it's WAY out of fashion but keep out of allegiance to the large investment that you made way back when?

I am the only one with those kinds of dresses in my wardrobe...?

#muchoverthinking #veryrumination

Are you a blog reader?

If you are in the habit of visiting blogs, specifically crafting ones, tell me...

  • Do you actually read them, or just look at the pictures?
  • Do you have particular ones that you save and revisit, or do you happen upon them depending on what you're searching for at the time?
  • What do you love about craft blogs?
  • What do you not love about them?
  • What would have you revisit a blog?
  • What would send you away?
  • Are you more of a quick inspiration/very visual/Pinterest type instead these days?

Do you have a craft blog?

If you have run a (regularly updated) blog for any length of time, tell me...

  • How often do you post?
  • Do you schedule a bunch of posts in one sitting, or do you write and publish as you go?
  • Do you plan your content carefully in advance, or post as you create and the mood strikes?
  • Do you write much, or just enough to complement the images?
  • What do you love about blogging?
  • What do you not love?
  • Do you have any sage advice for a gal who *thinks* she wants to keep at it, but is weighed down by the how-to and the juggle of everything else that gets in the way? Like her propensity to #overthink ?

Having spent the evening thinking about, then writing this post, as it turns out, I have some creations that I have yet to share on any of my social media outlets, so decided that I would give this blogging thing one gigantic push to see if I can rediscover some of the joy that it used to provide me to write it.

At the moment, I have scheduled posts to show up daily for the next three days, and have content to last until the rest of the month, if I can find/make time among my *other* work days, junior sporting commitments and an upcoming teenager's birthday to get them scheduled and published.

Please pop back in to check them out if you feel so inclined, and if you have some answers to the above questions, I would love to hear them in case they can provide some insight to my ponderings.

Thanks in advance!