24 hour sale!


On October 23rd (ie. tomorrow), for 24 hours only, Stampin' Up! is taking 15% off a select range of stamp sets. The beauty of being in the west at times like these is that we don't have to stay up until ridiculous o'clock to start taking advantage of sales the start at midnight on the east coast!

And an extra hooray for daylight savings!

Part of the fun for me at this stage is working off my relatively tiny phone screen to post this. Our internet has chosen a decidedly inconvenient time to crash and burn and the wait time to speak to someone at our ISP is an hour. I'm hoping that the formatting of this post is way better at your end than it currently looks at mine….!

Check out the list of stamp sets on sale to see if any of your wishlist coincides with the sale list, then head to my online store in a couple of hours to snaffle them while you can!

I'll come back and post a direct link to the sale section of my store when it's live too :-)

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