MDS + coffee = CUTE! (And April Fool's Day makes for interesting downloads...)

I'm always on the lookout for new and fun ways to use MDS and one such fun way was provided to me recently when an email bearing news of customised gifts on sale from a local photographic store landed in my inbox.

Customised gifts have exploded in recent times and there are so many available these days, that there's no excuse not to and every reason to partner with MDS to create a little something perfect for one of your favourite someones.

This coffee mug made the perfect "no particular reason" gift for my handsome man and it's based on the sweet and funny error that our small girl makes when she's ordering his coffee for him when we hit our favourite spot for a family coffee date.

Every couple of weeks or so, we both collect the girls from school and head to our local shopping centre, where the girls happily order the drinks for the family, always splitting a smoothie between themselves and mostly managing to agree on a flavour :-)

My order is simple - a skinny latte.  Daddy's is a little more complicated -  a skinny long mac, topped up. In small girl speak, this translates to "skinny long man chopped up", and it has been a bit of a family in-joke since she first said it a couple of years ago.

I was excited to pick up the mug earlier today and presented his coffee in it when he got up this morning...

I am no kind of barista, and have long aspired to be able to make those clever little patterns on the top of coffee. I was delighted to be able to pick out a heart shape in the coffee that I made this morning.  

It was a complete fluke, but I'm totally claiming it!

I think he was really quite chuffed with his new mug, and now that I have seen how well they turn out, I can see that customised mugs might be quite the feature of future gift giving :-)

As for the design, I used the All in the Family stamp brush set and left spaces in between the separate body part stamps to symbolise the "chopped up" part.

I have spent a goodly part of this afternoon determining how it is that I actually have the All in the Family stamp brush at all, as it's not available as an individual download in my online store, despite my having searched for it with every conceivable combination of keywords.

I think I may have determined (with the valuable input of friends answering my confused messages on Facebook this afternoon!) that it is in fact available as part of the Express Booster Pack that I have - a massive combination of My Digital Studio content, which, from what I can tell, was the content available with the software in its very first available version in the US several years ago.

Rather a long story, as it turns out, but if anybody is interested in finding out exactly what comes in the Express Booster Pack - $42.95 for masses and masses of content - I will certainly do my best to find out for you!

New downloads for the week - not for the faint of heart!

I have to admit to a bit of a double take upon seeing this week's downloads, when this one popped up on my screen...

Fine Print Greetings Card Templates - $10.95 - CLICK IMAGE to visit in my online store

Fine Print Greetings Card Templates - $10.95 - CLICK IMAGE to visit in my online store

You'll want to be secure in the relationship of whoever is on the receiving end of one of these! You'd also want a fairly good idea of the efficiency of their eyesight too...

On further investigation, it does point to the sort of fun you could have on April Fool's Day...

I'd still be making sure of the sense of humour and/or eye sight of your recipient first though...

Here's the other new download this week - a cute one to offset the potential weirdness of the first one...!

Eggstra Spectacular Stamp Brush Set - $5.50 - CLICK IMAGE to visit in my online store

Eggstra Spectacular Stamp Brush Set - $5.50 - CLICK IMAGE to visit in my online store

Have you dipped your toes in the refreshing pool of digital design yet?  MDS is so much fun and the design possibilities are endless!

Grab your free 30 day trial, or go the whole hog for just $24.95 and get the full version of the software.

You'll be so glad you did!