Join Stampin' Up! for just $25 - two weeks only!

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For just two weeks, from today until October 21, Stampin' Up! is offering the opportunity to sign up as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for just $25. 

Wait, WHAT?! 

Yep, $25 for the chance to have a go at being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  

What do I mean by having a go at being a demonstrator...?

  • Have a go at meeting a vast array of people who enjoy the same interest as you and whose boats are totally floated by stamps and ink, the same way yours is
  • Have a go at attending incredible creative events where every little detail is taken care of and you can't help but be thoroughly inspired and entertained the entire time
  • Have a go at covering the cost of your craft supplies by earning commission sharing what you love
  • Have a go at actually making money from sharing what you love, because believe it or not, there comes a time not too far into the demonstrator journey, where all of a sudden you have all the supplies you want/need for that point in time and the commission starts to sorta pile up....!
  • Can't see yourself sharing Stampin' Up! products in a demonstratory capacity?  No worries, have a go at getting a minimum 20% discount on your own supplies instead

For the cost of five takeaway coffees/a t-shirt from Target/two and a half ink pads/insert something that you know to cost $25, you get to try on being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator in your life and see how it fits with your family and circumstances.

And what if it doesn't fit?! 

Then it doesn't fit.  And you go back to whatever it was you were doing before you spent $25 on trying out the demonstrator opportunity. 

Isn't that simple?! 

The greatest beauty of this whole situation is that you get almost six whole months to try it on.  There's no obligation to purchase anything further from now until March 31st 2014, at which time if you do decide that you would like to continue as a demonstrator, then you submit orders of $440 per quarter (three months) for as long as you choose to remain active.

If you choose not to continue with being a demonstrator at any point in time, you simply stop placing orders.  Nothing to pay back, no penalty, you just stop.

So what are the details about this particular promotion...?

  • You pay $25
  • You receive $26.95 worth of products
  • You receive a business pack, which includes a supply of Annual and Holiday catalogues, plus order forms, invitation postcards and a Getting Started DVD
  • If you place a workshop order ($300 before shipping) in your first 30 days after signing up, you're entitled to a free stamp set of any value, redeemable in December

Of course, you also get all the regular benefits of singing up as a new demonstrator, which include:

  • An additional 10% commission/discount on your first order over $300 if placed within 45 days of signing up
  • Access to the fabulous Stampin' Start program, which gives you the opportunity to earn free stamp sets in your first six months by meeting certain sales and recruiting goals
  • Ready, Set, Start series of emails from Stampin' Up! to set you off on your demonstrator path with great support and information right up front

And by no means least, by choosing to become a demonstrator in my team, you will have access to: 

  • The wealth of talent and incredible friendliness that is my team of demonstrators - A Klass Act.  These gals rock
  • Me - at your first workshop in whatever capacity you need, either running the show or just in the background fielding any tricky questions that might pop up
  • Support from me at whatever level you require it.  Want me to crack the whip and encourage you towards some outrageous stampin' goals?  I'm on it.  Rather I leave you to place your stampin' orders for yourself as and when you require stuff?  Ok. 

So now all you need do is choose it!  But don't leave it too long - this offer is only available until October 21st, so you'll want to make sure you jump on board by then.

Any questions left?

There's a good chance you might find some answers in the page I set up all about the demonstrator opportunity, but if you're still unsure, I'm just an email away, so don't hesitate to send me your questions and concerns!

Good to go?


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