Happy new catalogue!

2013-14 cover.jpg

Here she is!  The all-new, all-fresh, hot-off-the-presses 2013-14 Annual Stampin' Up! catalogue! 

Browse my online store
Shop for new stampin' stuff in your jammies/ugg boots/hot rollers any time of the day or night!

Check out the catalogue online
Flip the virtual pages, add virtual bookmarks, zoom in, zoom out, rinse and repeat!

Download the pdf to your computer
Save your download quota and store a copy on your hard drive to peruse multiple times at your leisure

Order yourself a living, breathing hard copy
Easier to snuggle with and fold the pages down on than an i-pad...

Grab the Stampin' Supplies List
The holy grail list of products used in every catalogue project

Check out the carryover list from the Autumn/Winter Seasonal Catalogue
Products that don't appear in the new catalogue but are still very much available!

Right then, I guess I'll see you in a day or so when you come up for air ;-)  Make sure you do - product shares available tomorrow...!

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