Bulk Easter love + new downloads

Since MDS arrived on the scene, the production of the little class mate goodies that I like to create for my girls' school friends at significant times of the year has taken on a whole new level of ease.

Not so much ease in production, although that's definitely a factor as well, but it's certainly easier to watch primary schoolers tear into your lovingly created sweet treat when you've designed it once and printed it 60 times as opposed to having sweated over 60 hand crafted masterpieces *giggle*

The first term of our school year finished last week, so on Friday morning, my girls headed off to school with a bucket each of these little lovelies - individually packaged Malteaser bunnies, wrapped in some personalised love.

class easter treats.jpg

The design itself is super simple - a bunny stamp from the Little Additions stamp brush set, overlaid with the "happy easter" greeting from the Delightful Dozen stamp brush set.

To colour the greeting, I used the stamp colouring tool, which is effectively the digital version of colouring a stamp with markers.

Check it out...

To cut them out once printed, I ran a score line slightly to the left of the image and folded the card stock over with the image on the front. Then using the second smallest Framelit from the Banners Collection, I positioned it so that the left hand (straight edge) lined up slightly outside of the folded edge, so that the finished cut shape was the doubled over banner that you can see wrapped around the chocolates. They're secured at the "flag" end with a tiny bit of Sticky Strip.

Check back tomorrow to see what they took in as Easter gifts for their teachers...!

This week's new downloads...

Check out the freshly released digi goodness for this week!

Don't forget that MDS is available as a free trial for 30 days if you want to give it a test run before you commit.  

Having said that, a commitment to the full program will only set you back $24.95 and provide you with a bucket load of pre-installed content too!

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