A striking and mildly unconventional Christmas

DSP circles detail.jpg

When I think of Christmas card designs, it is rarely that a large amount of black is a feature of my imaginings. That was until my sister-in-law sent me a picture of a card that she knew I'd love, which inspired this remake using stuff that I had on hand.

Super simple in design (less simple in that it requires tiny pieces of no less than three different packs of Designer Series Paper..!) and bold in the use of black as the main feature colour, it is unlike any Christmas card I have ever thought of making.

And I rather love it!

DSP circles.jpg

So while you wouldn't necessarily go about purchasing packs and packs of Designer Series Paper in order to recreate such a card, it's the ideal design to use up scraps of any paper you have left over from other designs you might have made. Or you may be like me and have entire packs of paper lying around because it's pretty and the need to own pretty paper is something that you've been afflicted with since childhood. Or something...

What unexpected colour combinations are you making in your Christmas cards this year?

PS. I'm very aware that it's five months since I last posted and am studiously avoiding paying a great deal of attention to this fact, mostly because if I started every long overdue blog post with "So, it's been a while since I last popped in...", then I would starting every blog post like that and I imagine it would get very tedious. For everyone. So while it's a significant time in between blog posts around these parts, I pop up much more frequently on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure to join me there!

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