A New Year, and a fun idea

Hello friends!

I'm hopeful that I do indeed have some friends left around these parts. My side of the conversation has been particularly quiet of late. Unless you're in the habit of hanging out with me on Facebook, I'm a bit chattier over there...

If you've followed my stampin' journey at all over these past ten years, you would know that beyond the stamps, inks and accessories, my favourite thing about this whole gig is the many friendships I've made with like-minded people across the globe. Not least of these friendships has been with the amazing Julie Kettlewell, a fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrator who hails from the UK.

Our friendship started off in the way many international friendships do, with a message sent through cyberspace, in this particular case, from me to her, wondering how on earth she managed to keep up her gruelling schedule of events and have them organised so well in advance. For this disorganised gal from down under, she was a wonder to behold, and I wanted to know how she did it!

So I asked. And we bonded over tea and Skype, and tea and stamping, and tea and family, until we finally met in person in a place familiar to neither of us - the deck of the Allure of the Seas - the incredible vessel that cruised us around the Caribbean on the 2014 Incentive Trip...

Image from soshelli.com

Image from soshelli.com

We got along in person the same way had for the preceding year online - like we'd known each other forever - and the fun continued when Julie asked me to go along as her guest on the Mediterranean cruise Incentive Trip this past May. It was the "girls' trip" of a lifetime and our next rendezvous will be in yet another exotic location next July, when we meet in Phuket for the 2017 incentive trip.

To fill the time between now and then, and to embark on a different kind of adventure that we've skirted around for ages and never actually done anything about implementing, we've decided to join forces on the stampin' front and offer online classes and kits to our customers in both Australia and the UK, starting next month!

And so we bring you...

Mrs K's Craft Room...!

Mrs K's Craft Room will be a monthly offering where you can subscribe to a class featuring projects and tutorials from us both, by purchasing the relevant products via our online stores. The classes will run via an exclusive Facebook group and incorporate YouTube as well. You can elect to join in each month or jump in and out as the mood strikes, it's up to you!

The Facebook group where all of the information will be posted and where you can find the details of the monthly kits as they happen can be found HERE. We've been discussing the details excitedly for a while now and are SO looking forward to welcoming you to our craft room!