A bit of luck, for you and for me!

So, I have a little something to share and it's kind of big and scary and almost wasn't something that I was going to give the light of day to. But I decided against that particular line of thinking, so here goes...

A couple of days ago, with all of one month left to qualify for next year's Stampin' Up! 
Incentive Trip to the Mediterranean ( and having written it off as a possibility a good couple of months prior!), I had a good look at my reports and had a sniff of an inkling that with some serious effort and a goodly amount of luck, I might actually be able to pull this off. What it will require is results the likes of which I have not actually managed in a single month in all my previous nine years of being a demonstrator, but there's a first time for everything, right..?

With the previous Stampin' Up! trip that I was able to take my family on last year still fresh in my mind, with all the wonder that goes along with showing your children parts of the world that you never dreamed possible, I couldn't just sit back and miss out by a relatively marginal amount, when the alternative option is to give it a red hot go. So I've decided to run with the red hot go option, and if I don't get there, at least I won't be left wondering "what if...?" had I gone with the option of sitting back and doing nothing.

With the blessings of both my dear friend Marelle, who, having found herself in a similar situation a few years ago, came up with this cracker of an idea and also Stampin' Up!, who I contacted to ensure that everything was above board, I bring you...

100 Lucky Envelopes!

Here's how it works...

  • I have 100 envelopes numbered from 1 to 100
  • If you place an order of $100* prior to September 27th 2015, you get to open one of the envelopes (or I will open it for you over the phone/email if you're not ordering face to face!)
  • Each amount of $100* in your total means you get to open another envelope
  • If you order over $250*, you will get to choose Stampin' Rewards up to the value stipulated by your order total, AS WELL AS an envelope for every $100* in your total
  • Inside each envelope, you will find a prize voucher for a current Stampin' Up! product, valued between $8.50 and $169.95
  • The majority of the prizes are valued between $10 and $20. There is also a Product Bundle, a Project Kit and a Big Shot** in there somewhere
  • The envelopes will be opened in number order - the first person to order will open envelope number 1, the second person, envelope number 2 etc
  • Whilst I put the vouchers in the envelopes, I have no idea of the order of them, thanks to the mad casino shuffling skills of my handsome man, who took charge of that aspect and placed them in the box for me to number

Behold, video evidence...

  • Orders can be placed in a number of ways:
  1. Online (please use the hostess code GKR47REK at checkout, unless your order is over $250*, in which case, you qualify for Stampin' Rewards all on your own)
  2. By phone (0411 717 213).
  3. By sending me an email or using the contact form here on my blog
  4. At events, classes and workshops that I'm holding this month
  • Prizes will be ordered and distributed after September 27th, unless you order at a face to face workshop, in which case, your prize will be added to the workshop order at the time
  • If all the envelopes are opened by September 27th, that will pretty much guarantee me a berth aboard the Norwegian Epic in the Mediterranean in May next year. Crazy, but SO cool!
*before shipping
**if you already have a Big Shot, you can choose dies and/or embossing folders up to the value instead

To assist you in compiling your order, we currently have TWO amazing catalogues from which to make your selections - the Annual Catalogue, still relatively new and exceedingly lovely and the BRAND NEW and terribly festive Holiday Catalogue, just released yesterday! You might also like to browse the current Weekly Deals and Clearance Rack for bargains that will give you loads more bang for your hundred bucks!

I will also add that if you currently have an existing relationship with a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, do please continue to order through them! I have no desire to achieve my goal at the cost of friendships and noses out of joint. If however, you are already a customer of mine, or don't already have an existing demonstrator AND you're in the market for $100 worth of gear and a little (or big?!) gift for your trouble, please know that I'd be ever so grateful for your support!

Please also feel free to share my promotion around with non-stampin' friends or family. With Christmas just around the corner and birthdays all year round, our kits make great gift ideas and could help with getting some festive shopping out of the way nice and early :-)

So there it is, a crazy massive goal in my usual style of pulling out all the stops right at the death knock! Any other way would be totes boring, right?!

Thank you for considering helping me out by placing your $100 order before the 27th of this month! Please know that I thoroughly and humbly appreciate your support!