Sweet little MDS announcements + latest downloads

Earlier this year, a whole ten weeks in advance of when her appearance was officially scheduled, little Amanda Jade - the niece of my lovely brother and sister in law - arrived. Teeny and tiny and with a heck of a journey ahead of her, she was barely the weight of a bag of spuds but put up a fight more suited to a heavyweight champion of the world.

I was asked if I would make a couple of birth announcements for her - one for family and friends and one for the many folk who played a part in her delivery and subsequent extended hospital stay. 

Friends and family announcement

Friends and family announcement

Thanks to hospital staff

Thanks to hospital staff

Birth announcements, invitations and other creative endeavours requiring multiple copies are some of my favourite uses for MDS (here's another I prepared earlier).  With the vast array of digital downloads available (and new ones released weekly), never mind the fabulous content that comes with pre-installed with the software, you're guaranteed to find elements to suit your occasion and style preferences.

Yet to discover the delights of MDS for yourself?  Hit up the free trial, or go the whole hog for a mere $24.95 for the full version of the software.  

I recently discovered that the addition of an HDMI cable to my laptop can connect my computer to my TV screen, thereby giving me the ability to broadcast an MDS session to a large group of peeps in the comfort of your lounge room (or mine!) without the need to huddle around a tiny laptop screen. 

So if you're interested in seeing for yourself the software that get me all hot and sweaty (and not through difficulty of use, I will add), get a group together and we'll set up a session.


Speaking of new downloads released weekly, a quick click on the image above will send you directly to the new additions for this week, and clicking here will allow you to browse all of the most recently added downloads by week.

If you have any queries about how I achieved any of the elements on these two MDS projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch or ask a question in the comments so that everyone might benefit from the answer :-) 

Thanks for popping in!

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