I've moved house!

As a result of some security issues with my self-hosted Wordpress blog and choosing to concentrate on being the blogger rather than the webmaster, chief of security, head software updater (and accounts payable when it all went horribly wrong and someone else had to jump in and fix it...), I imported all of my previous content here and will be blogging on this new platform going forward.

There will be a period of adjustment, starting with me re-uploading all of the images in posts that didn't transfer over plus some instances of broken links, but I will be endeavouring to update incorrect links as I find/am made aware of them (feel free to let me know if/when you find any!) 

Despite the challenges involved in moving over, already I'm feeling less pressure in terms of having to wear all the hats and I'm looking forward to spending a whole lot more time here, loving what I do and sharing what I love.

Thanks for joining me ;-) 

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