A flying visit with a large helping of gratitude and a side of incredulity...

Hello lovely friends!

I'm popping in for a really quick visit, which is partly what the "flying visit" refers to in the title of this post.  The other thing it refers to is the reality of my August and part of my September, which sees me flying all over Australia and also to New Zealand taking part in the Make a Statement Digital Tour for Stampin' Up! Australia.

I'm going to include an excerpt from the newsletter that I sent out to my customers earlier this month as it really sums up this incredible opportunity that I am so thankful to have been provided with...

Tomorrow morning just after dropping my sweet ones at school, I'll be hopping on a flight to Melbourne, where I'll be participating in the first of several stops of the Make a Statement Digital Tour that is heading around Australia and New Zealand this month and next.

Details of how you can join in a tour stop near you can be found further down in this newsletter, but the reason that I'm mentioning it up here at the beginning is really one of incredulousness that something as seemingly innocuous as becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator seven years ago, based on nothing more than a desire to own one of everything in the catalogue (the discount definitely featured heavily in my decision making process) could lead to an opportunity to fly around the country demonstrating a new software program to customers and demonstrators as part of a great team from the Stampin' Up! Australian office.

As a self-professed non-public speaker, being asked to demonstrate for the first time at a regional event several years ago very nearly had me running for the hills, but these days I hang out for the opportunity to be involved in any event possible and to be asked to take part in this one is a privelege of the most incredible kind.

This little story, as well as being an opportunity to share my excitement about the adventures that I'll be up to these next few weeks, is also a way of illustrating that the best things that have come of my decision to take up the demonstrator opportunity all those years ago are so much more than the expectations that I went in with.

I expected to expand my stash of craft gear and was happy to be able to do so at a generous discount, but I also expanded my friendship circle by large degrees and am fortunate to have found some amazing kindred spirits along the way. People who I count amongst my nearest and dearest, whose kids are great mates with my kids, whose husbands happily come along to team gatherings and play cricket in the park with the group and whose creativity and generosity inspires me no end. Also people who reside interstate and internationally who I would be most unlikely to have crossed paths with had our mutual love of all things stamps and ink not made those paths intersect.

Another happy side effect that I am so very grateful for is the one that now has me happy to be up on a stage - complete with a Britney Spears style microphone - presenting to anywhere between 50 and 500 folks at a time. I could never have envisaged that doing such a thing would be even remotely possible for me, but having been given the opportunity to do so has dismantled the confidence issues that I have had in the past and it's something that I now look forward to, with much less action in the knee-shaking department than before.

I am now at risk of having to break this little spiel into chapters, so I'll refrain from writing further, other than to say thank you for being part of this journey that I am so grateful for, however it is that you happen to be here, whether by turning up at a workshop once, or clicking a button on my blog to indicate that you'd like to receive my newsletter.

I appreciate you all so much and am grateful for your support of and interest in what I do.

It's now two weeks since I hopped on that plane to Melbourne and a week since I was in Sydney.  Tomorrow morning, I'm headed for Brisbane and will be taking over the part of the presentation that was handled by one of the lovely US staff who has since flown back to Utah.

I'm so incredibly excited (with moments of fluttery tumminess) to be involved in showing fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrators and customers the wonders of MDS and the incredible array of My Digital Studio downloads to go along with it.  It's such a truly simple but powerful software and it really brings such exciting new possibilities to the world of craft and design.

Next stop after Brisbane is my own home town of Perth and I would dearly love to see a large room of friendly faces excited to discover the possibilities of MDS for themselves!

To register to attend, visit the registration page, where you will find all the details and have the opportunity to complete the registration process online.  For the incredibly reasonable price of $35, you will receive the full version of the software (valued at $24.95 and provided to you via email as soon as you register), half a day of training in basic techniques to get you off and running in digital design, plus all of the usual fun and frivolity that goes along with any Stampin' Up! event.

New Zealand peeps, your event is on September 7th and you can register for NZD$45 by visiting the registration page for the Auckland leg of the tour!

I'm off to practise my presentation again (and again and again) now, but wanted to leave you with a couple of layouts that I have completed along the way, using some pre-designed and co-ordinated My Digital Studio elements and the touristy pics I snapped on my phone during my travels so far.

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