New MDS downloads, a quick online shopping tip + a new video!

This week's MDS downloads are as cool as ever, particularly since one of them is FREE!  Check 'em out...

Take a look at all the latest My Digital Studio downloads...

On the subject of digital downloads, here's a bit of a shopping tip for you if you tend towards a try before you buy mindset...

When you are browsing my online store for new downloads, it's possible to see in more detail than the sneak peek images exactly what is contained in each kit, stamp set etc.

Below is an example of what you see when you are looking at a particular download.  It includes information on what is contained in the kit, plus the co-ordinating colours to the right of the image.  You can zoom in on the image itself just by clicking on it, but it doesn't show you exactly what elements the kit contains.

This information is available by clicking on the "MORE IMAGES" link as seen in the example below...


The following screen then opens up, which gives you the option of looking through the entire contents of the kit by clicking on each element on the right hand side to bring up a large preview on the left hand side and using the PREV and NEXT links to navigate through.


I thought this was a pretty cool feature, so I hope it's a useful one for you!

I have another video for you today too, this one shows you how I created the "Oh My Giddy Aunt" framed image for my mum in my previous blog post.  Hopefully it also shows you how quickly and simply you will be able to create your own personalised gifts and artwork :-)

I absolutely love all of the different word art options that are around in the home decor scene these days, but what I love even more is that I can take my favourite quote, put it in my favourite font, match it to the colours of the room I'm decorating or that of the person I'm giving it to and I have a personalised piece of art that is not mass produced and gracing the living room wall of every other person in the country.

Are you inspired to  make yourself some word art too...?

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