Introducing This and That™

An exciting new line of products making their debut in the upcoming Annual Catalogue is the delightful This and That™ range - a selection of sweet and perfectly co-ordinated products that allow you to capture life as it happens.

Considering that our catalogue is not due for release until July, you might be wondering why I would be telling you about it (and showing you the cute video!) in May, but the exciting news is that you can order these products right now, and if you want them all, you can get them in a bundle for 15% off!

I am not so patiently awaiting the arrival of my very own bundle and can pretty much predict that my big girl will be hankering after one to record all the details of our upcoming trip to Brisbane (she might indeed be lucky since the trip also coincides with her 10th birthday - double figures - yikes!)

Click on the above image to download the This and That flyer and see all of the associated products in detail.  (Is anybody else ridiculously excited about the little rotary stamp thingamy...?!  *swoon*)

Some things to note about this new product range...

  • Available right through until July when they will appear in the Annual Catalogue but the product bundle is only available until May 31st, after which time all products will only be available individually
  • More This and That products will be added to the range as time goes on. (YAY!)

Visit my online store or contact me to order your bundle(s) or any of the individual products from the range.

In case you're feeling overwhelmed by everything going on at Stampin' Up! in recent times (I certainly am, so I can't promise that what I'm about to tell you isn't for my own personal well-being with a happy side benefit for you....!), I have created a page that you can find by clicking on the What's on @ SU! tab in the navigation bar at the top of my blog.

It lists all of the current promotions and goings on in the one place so that you don't have to scroll through recent posts to try and find that thing that you saw here one time that was interesting and that you wanted to come back to later but now you can't find for the life of you...

You're welcome ;-)

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