When double dipping is ok....

While it might be considered the height of backyard BBQ rudeness, double dipping is perfectly acceptable - encouraged even - in the stampin' sense, and right now is the perfect time to get dippin'....!!

Just announced on Monday was the latest Stampin' Up! promotion and it's a cracker (Geddit?!  Cracker?!  Dip?!  Never mind.....)


The promotion is twofold, in that it rewards hostesses whose workshops total $400 or more with an extra $60 in hostess dollars over and above the $60 that is standard for a workshop of that amount PLUS it rewards new demonstrators with an extra $60 worth of value in their Starter Kit!

Where does the double dipping come in...?!

If you first take advantage of the Starter Kit offer, then hostess your own workshop as a way to introduce your new stampin' venture to your nearest and dearest, you get the $60 in bonus products in your kit PLUS the $60 in hostess dollars when your workshop hits the magical $400 mark.

Add this to the fact that your first workshop (held within 45 days of becoming a demonstrator) qualifies you for 30% discount/commission as opposed to the standard 20% and you have a handy dandy (and incredibly reasonably priced!) shopping spree on your hands ;-)

Alternatively, you might choose to operate in reverse and first hold a workshop to test the stampin' waters with your friends and family and see how much interest you might have as their new Stampin' Up! demonstrator, then take the plunge when they all have a fabulous stampin' time at your place and beg you for more ;-)

Either way you do it, you really can't lose!

For more information on joining my merry band of demonstrators, check out all the details on the Join My Team page and feel absolutely free to contact me if you have any queries or need further clarification on anything :-)

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