New wood mount stamp storage!

We all know I'm a fan of a good storage solution, which may or may not be because it gives me a reason to visit Ikea, aka The Happiest Place on Earth, but Swedish furniture aside, check this out...

Whether or not the May 31 launch date applies to us here in the South Pacific Market I'm not 100% sure, but I'd be happy to wait, say, a week longer than our US stampin' sisters for these babies, otherwise I can't promise there won't be a riot... ;-)

Just kidding.

Sort of...

Tell me, are you a fan...?

*UPDATE* I have it on good authority (the demonstrator website told me so!) that the new wood mount storage boxes will be available from July 1st with the launch of the new annual catalogue! Even better news - you can also purchase empty boxes to transfer all of your old stamp sets into - a pack of four of the full size cases for $11.95 or four of the half size cases for $8.95 PLUS there will be templates available to create your own stamp set labels to fit the new packaging :-D SQUEEEEE!!

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