Merry Christmas to all...


'Tis the day before Christmas, and though I tried my best, my Christmas cards largely remain on my desk. Unfinished, unwritten on, mostly unsent, as I sit here and wonder where December just went.

But it went, I recall, the best possible way, with a large combination of work, rest and play. The concerts, the visits, the making of lists, the shopping, the baking, handmaking of gifts.

And tomorrow when two small sets of eyes open wide, I'll happily push guilty thoughts way aside, in the knowledge that my cards will indeed make the post, albeit a little bit later than most.

So to you, my sweet friends, my most fond wish for you is that all of your dear Christmas wishes come true. Be happy, be healthy, be blessed and be glad have the merriest Christmas that you've ever had!

And next week when its over and back to routine, and we're about to embark on two thousand-thirteen. Maybe, just maybe the mailman might bring a most unexpected, but affection filled thing.

An envelope filled to the brim with good cheer, and my love at this most magical time of year. A card made from paper, adhesive and ink, and that's all that's in it perhaps you might think.

But in each one is truly a bit of my heart, disguised as a little cardstock piece of art. If your mailbox is empty, no card, never fear, I've made one especially for YOU, right here....


Well I'm heading back to the kitchen to finish off the various things that make up my contribution to the festivities that begin later this afternoon before spilling into tomorrow.

My girls are merrily discussing Santa at each opportunity and deciding what they'll leave out for him tonight to go along with the pictures they just coloured in for him :-)

Whatever you're doing, do it with mine and my family's very best wishes for a magical Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!