'Twas the day after Christmas...

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the blog,at the sight of a new post, the crowd were agog. Though "crowd" is most likely too hopeful a noun, since new posts around here are considerably down from five posts in one day, believe it or not, (on 6 August, '07 for you disbelieving lot!) to a single post (if you're lucky) every month or two, which I resolve to improve, I can assure you.

Next year, you see, the littler of my girls, (the one with the brown eyes and gentle dark curls) is heading to 'big school' - she'll go every day, which leaves mummy here with some more time to play. And of course I will miss her - of that there's no doubt, but I figure it's time to sort this 'business' out.

This 'business' that I started almost six years ago, not realising back then quite how fast it would grow. And therefore not doing it as 'properly' as I might, had I foreseen the potential for it to take flight. But soon with more time and opportunity to, I look forward to starting it somewhat anew.

And I hope you will join me, both here and for real, as I stamp and create with revitalised zeal. For 'to love what I do and share what I love" is something I know that I'll never tire of. Huge thanks for your support of me, whether it be, as someone already related to me, or a person I've met on this stampin' adventure, so many of whom since became friends, I would venture.

So on this Boxing Day, I hope that it's been even better a Christmas than you had foreseen. And here, from my family, best wishes to you, and all our very best for a great New Year too!