Absence makes the heart grow....


I must apologise for my extended absence from here.  Although I could almost justifiably claim that the Easter Hat in all its glory and over-the-top-ness had sapped my energy reserves for a whole month leaving me entirely unable to bash out even one blog post, I confess that that wasn't the case.

What was the case, was that I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with 'stuff'  and my coping mechanism when I feel that way is to withdraw from a lot of the peripheral things that claim my attention.  Blogging being one of them.  If you follow my Facebook page, you'll have noticed me pop up over there from time to time, being that a Facebook update requires not much more than a lone sentence - something I felt was much more doable than whole cluster of sentences and accompanying pictures that make up a blog post.

I am still feeling a bit of a case of the "blahs" to be honest, but in the same way I would deal with one of my children when they are feeling less than co-operative and the toy room is a pig-sty, I have given myself a stern-ish talking to and set the timer for 15 minutes.  I love the productivity tool of setting a timer with the premise that "you can do anything for 15 minutes", the idea being that once the 15 minutes is over, you will be knee-deep in whatever task you had been putting off and happy to continue.

And so I write this short explanatory post in the midst of editing photos from the recent Melbourne Stampin' Up! convention.  My timer went off quite some time ago now, and I am still quite merrily cropping, brightening and saving.  My plan is that the pics and a bit of a convention write up will be up here shortly for your reading and viewing pleasure.  If indeed there are any of  "you" left ;-)

Back soon...