Challenge Chewsday - the birthday edition!

There's still an hour or so left of Chewsday - at least there are over here in the West, so amazing as it might be, I'm on time with my post this week!

This week my challenge was to make something more impressive and amazing than the paper flower that my handsome man left on our coffee table for me this morning, wrapped around a note he wrote to wish me a happy birthday.

It's a challenge I am never going to meet and once you see it for yourself, I'm sure you will agree, so let's go with Tim's Perfect Paper Posy as the Challenge Chewsday entry for this week.

Check it out...



It accompanied the early hours Facebook message that he left me:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL! I tried not to use your good cardstock this year! :)

I have said to him recently that I would like to involve him more in my Stampin' Up! business and having clapped eyes on this baby this morning, I may well start sending him out to do workshops ;-)

Do let me know if you'd be interested in having my handsome man come and show you how to create this delightful 3D rose embellishment.  Although judging by the state of my desk this morning, I can't guarantee he won't leave a trail of destruction in his wake.

Wait, that could be my left over trail of destruction, scratch that...

I have had the most wonderful day, with a constant stream of phone calls and messages, lunch with my man and my small girl plus an impromptu shopping spree at the happiest place on earth (Ikea - thanks to vouchers from Nanny & Poppop aka my gorgeous folks) and a lovely catch up and cuppa with my aunty  this evening *waving Aunty Mair*

Not to mention the handmade cards that have been arriving since last week and the shiny new camera lens that was my (much coveted) gift from Tim and the girls.

So it's a very happy 30-something gal who is headed to bed to sleep the sleep of one who has just spent a chunk of the afternoon assembling Ikea furniture.

If you're at all inclined, leave a comment to let my handsome fella know what you think of his paper crafting efforts, because you know as well as I do he'll be popping in here to check ;-)