School's back!

My big girl is back at school today for the fourth and final term of the school year.  I can hardly believe she's almost done with Year Two and even more disbelieving that my small one will be in kindergarten next year.

We had the most wonderful couple of weeks of school holidays - my favourite ever, although as my handsome man said this morning, each subsequent set of school holidays seems to be our "favourite ever"!

This time around, we fit in an overnight trip to Preston Beach, an impromptu and very exciting bathroom renovation (which is ongoing as these things tend to be!), a picnic and play in King's Park, a trip to the theatre to see "The Gruffalo" (our current favourite story book), a birthday party or two, an overnight stay with my gorgeous sis-in-law who in a couple of short weeks will be providing me with a brand new niece or nephew (yay!!), plus lots of jammie days and hanging out together at home.

I also had some "real" work these past few weeks, in the form of helping out Tim's dad with some focus groups for a research project he's currently doing, so being part of the regular workforce, including taking the train into the city and dressing like a grown up was a bit of a change of scenery for me :)

But now it's back to regular scheduled programming.

My big girl was very excited to be heading back to school to see her little mates and to see where her desk had been moved to for the term :)

As for me, well I'm back into all the things that I let go in favour of spending family time in the holidays!  I have a terrible habit of not doing things until I have time to do them "properly" - things like replying to emails, updating my blog, sending out my newsletter, that kind of stuff :)

I still have plenty of things to share, but first must photograph, edit and upload them (another thing I haven't had time to do "properly"!), including two scrapbook layouts that I *adore*.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience with me....!