Things I love about my job #57

Not that I've written 56 previous posts detailing the various things I love about what I do, but I think if I were to add them all up, I could probably get to at least 57...

My big girl is at home from school with a cold today.  Despite being in fairly high spirits considering the snot factor, I thought it best to keep her at home so as not to spread the joy around.

How is this something that I love about my job...?!

Any previous job that I have had would have required me to take the day off work myself, or alternatively send her to school laden with the aforementioned snot.

Today, and every day for the past almost four years since I started this stampin' thing, I have had no such decision to make, as taking a day off for me now requires nothing more than stepping away from my stamping desk for a while, and truth be told, I don't even really have to do that, as she's sensible enough to take herself off for a rest when she feels she needs it, or play quietly or read when she feels up to it.  And I'm right here with all the mummy love she needs, which is the thing that always got me through any childhood afflictions :)

Does that sound like a job that appeals to you?

As an added bonus, until the end of this month, all new demonstrators signing up have the opportunity to choose an additional stamp set for free on top of the already amazing value of the starter kit.

Head to the Join my Team section for more information on the demonstrator opportunity and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries.

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