My first video tutorial!

Hopefully it will be the first of many, but if the extended hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing, software-swapping, massive learning-curve(ing) experience that was my day today is anything to go by, I'm not sure that I can promise anything at this stage!

It is way past the time that I prefer to be long asleep these days, but having spent pretty much all day - most of it in pyjamas - trying first to start up and use the most frustrating piece of computer software I have ever known (I had higher hopes for you Adobe...), then finding what seems at this stage to be a much better editing option (yay for you, Sony!), then spending the rest of the day nutting out exactly how to edit the footage that I recorded yesterday, there is no way on God's green earth that I'm going to end this day before I have  shared the fruits of my extremely laborious labour.

So here it is - my first attempt at a video tutorial.

Please excuse the various part of the video where it appears that I have lost the ability to speak English.  I'm sure I will get used to chatting to a camera that is hovering above my right ear if I do it a bit more often.

Oh, and please also excuse my head that keeps popping into the frame at the bottom left.  You're just lucky it's out of focus, or you'd be subjected to the patch of grey hairs that I have right there.

Ok, I'll shut up now (can you tell I'm a bit nervous.....?!)


I don't currently have the capacity to upload in HD, so apologies for the quality being not so great.  It's another thing I hope to rectify if indeed I am able to make some more tutorial videos.

Right, I'm done!

Thanks for visiting (and watching if you hung around for the show!)  I'd love to hear any feedback that you might have on my first video effort :)

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