Hat hair...

It's been ages since I've been here and to be honest it's been a refreshing little break, although I must apologise for not mentioning that I would be taking a little blogging hiatus.

I didn't really plan to, but with Christmas, New Year and extended school holidays and everything that goes along with it, I've been thoroughly enjoying just hanging out and doing nothing in particular.

Except swimming.  Lots of swimming, plus discovering new parks with the girls and generally having a lovely summer!

You may have noticed that my banner is back to normal and I am dressed in my usual Cameo Coral attire again and have done away with the Christmas hat, hence the title of this post.

Had I myself been wearing a Santa hat for two months, aside from an exceedingly itchy scalp, I'd have had the most atrocious case of hat hair you've ever seen.

Thank goodness for digi-me in all my bouffant and hat hair-less glory ;-)

Despite not having been blogging, I have still been creating and gearing up for some fun stampin' stuff in 2010.

I've been editing photos galore of some long-ago projects and will be sharing these in the next little while, as well as some newer stuff as well.

How about a little something to get the 2010 party started....?

My Christmas card designs for 2009!





You'll notice I stayed well away from the Trendy Christmas Tree debacle of last year...

Forgive me for not adding in the materials lists for these cards - I may pop back in with that information, plus a little 'how-to' on the Christmas trees in the first cards, but I'm going to spend some reading time with my chickens before they pop off to bed.

What I will do is leave you with a little poll though, as it's something that I've been thinking about a bit lately and thought I would throw the question out there, although possibly the Trendy Christmas Trees comment fest should warn me otherwise...

Anyways, here goes...

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