Blokey chocolate box template and tutorial!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I do have plans to show you a lot more in the way of Spring Mini catalogue projects, but I must interrupt those proceedings momentarily to bring you something that I am very excited about!

In the comments on the post about the Shirt and Tie chocolate box that I made for my daughter's male prac teacher, many of you asked, some pleaded and others simply demanded a tutorial so that you could make your own.

Well I'm happy to report that I have indeed constructed a tutorial, along with a printable template that you can download for the bargain price of $5 and assemble to your little hearts' content :)


I altered the dimensions of the original box, as that one was sized specifically for the Lindt chocolate that I was packaging, and I figured that a more generic option would be more practical.

The size of the completed box above is 14.5cm high by 8.5cm wide by 5.5cm deep, so it could house anything from chocolates or sweets, to socks and jocks, a neck-tie or two, golfing paraphernalia, the list goes on...

I also altered the arrangement of the collar, so instead of it flipping up to open the box as in the original, this collar remains in place and the lid opens simply by lifting the Blush Blossom part and closes by tucking back into the front of the box.

To get your own copy of the template and tutorial, simply click on the Add to Cart button below and away you go!  Unless you're in my 'A Klass Act' stamping team, in which case you can download your free copy at the team forum ;-)

Shirt & Tie Box - Template and Tutorial Price : $5


Thanks so much for your enthusiasm about my little project and I hope you enjoy the creating the boxes as much as I enjoyed (albeit with very occasional cursing and hair pulling) putting together the template for you :)

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