In uncharted territory...

Let me just say, right up front, that I love Stampin' Up!'s colour range.  I love that everything effortlessly co-ordinates and that they take the rocket science out of stamping and scrapbooking by making everything just go together.

Having said that, out of the 48 colours in the colour families, it's natural that some will be your go to colours, and some will be, well, that little bit more challenging to use.

And everyone's go to colours will be different, as will be their bogey more challenging colours.

I am exactly the same, and will admit that there are a few colours of cardstock in my shelf that are the original sheets from the very first packs of assorted colour family cardstock that I purchased over three years ago!

Some of them have a 1" hole punched out of them for purposes of constructing a colour swatch chart, but other than that, are entirely untouched.

Of all of my bogey more challenging colours, I have one that has by far the highest difficulty rating for me.  Can anybody hazard a guess which one it might be?  Perhaps it's the same as yours.  Or maybe it's even one of your go to colours!  Who knows?!

Well, the good news is that I actually used it!  Not a huge amount, but there is now more than a 1" hole missing from the very first piece of this colour cardstock that I ever owned.

And I used the ink too!  Other than the aforementioned colour swatch chart, this was its virgin outing as well.

Here's a sneaky peek of the project that I will share in its entirety tomorrow...


Hint:  neither of the two really obvious colours you can see here are the bogey more challenging colour in question

In the meantime, tell me what colours you have the most trouble using and which ones seem to pop up in almost everything you create :)

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