Trendy Christmas Card - revisited

So I took some of your advice from the comments on my last post and made some changes to my Trendy Trees Christmas card.

In fact, as it turns out, I took almost all of your advice...

I'm not sure what I think about it, so at the risk of my stampin' confidence, I'm throwing it out there again...



And here are the original and the new side by side for purposes of comparion...

trendy-christmas-card trendy-christmas-card-new

I cut the card to turn it into a 10.5 x 10.5cm one, enlarged the square of Kiwi Kiss behind the scalloped element and added a tab of Riding Hood Red striped ribbon.

For the baubles, I dotted around some of my Tombow Multi liquid glue and sprinkled on some Orange Fine Supernova Glitter to make the baubles sparkly.  I'm not sure that it doesn't now look like the original "leaf" now has an unfortunate case of some kind of pox.  A sparkly pox, but a pox all the same.  Aunty Mair, can you look that one up for me...?! ;-)

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not too sure about this one.  I think it's a bit too fussy for my tastes.

What do you say good visiting folk?  Is it a better attempt than the first, or do I really just need to put this down as a learning experience, step away from the tree and move on....?!

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