Are we there yet...?

Look, I'm sorry, I promise to extract this large buzzing bee from my bonnet very shortly, but I thought I'd give it one last crack based on some further comments on the last post (thanks Karen and Di!)

But before I show you the last effort, can I just say how much fun I've had watching the comments bounce around on the previous post!  You guys crack me up and make me enjoy this blogging process even more.

And I've loved your honesty, really I have!  I was talking to my friend Danneil on the phone this morning (*waving* Dan!) and she said that the original card didn't really say "Christmas to" her, but she was too scared to say so in a comment lest the general commenting public flame her for it!

Of course she would have been perfectly fine to speak her mind and add her opinion to the conversation, so long as she was prepared to sleep with one eye open for a while, right?!

*KIDDING* of course!

Here we go, and I think this is my favourite of the lot...


You'll notice that I've removed the glittery 'pox'.  It bugged me, so it's gone!

Other than that I used Kiwi Kiss as the base and Chocolate Chip behind the little accent piece, then in a last ditch attempt to try and Christmas-ify it, I pulled out the little bling centre from a small clear Rhinestone brad and stuck it to the top of the tree (leaf, whatever..!)

So I'm exhausted and may never use Trendy Trees again (yeah right!) but I like this one of all three the best and I'm closing the comments section just in case anybody makes a further suggestion.

No, I'm not really, but I am putting my fingers in my ears and saying "lalalalalala"!

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