A {smiling} thanks!

Wow, from not blogging for yonks to three posts in a day - you guys must be wondering whether you're Arthur or Martha!  I've always been tickled by that saying and am delighted to have an opportunity to use it here.... ;-)

Just wanted to pop in quickly to say a HUGE....

sophie smile 2 for blog

..to the many of you who voted online for this photo - my entry into the 2009 Centro Smile Photography Contest.

I am beside myself to report that I received a phone call late this afternoon to say that my picture was the winner of the Viewers' Choice award, along with which goes a brand new Nikon S710 digital camera!

Holy Moly!  To say I'm excited is the understatement of the millennium!  It's a great little camera too - we fired it up as soon as the battery was charged :) It will be the perfect small companion to our recently acquired Canon 500D digital SLR that has been a lot of fun to learn about.

Thanks again folks!

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