Something to {SMILE} about...

A couple of days ago, I was the very excited recipient of an email advising me that a photo I submitted to the Centro Smile Photography Competition had been selected as a finalist!

This morning, I also received a telephone call confirming this, plus I had the opportunity to find out which picture (of the eight that I entered!) had been selected.

Turns out it was this one...

mona lisa sophie!

I took it just a couple of weeks ago when my little one and I were headed out visiting.  Just a spur of the moment pic, taken - believe it or not - with my phone camera!

The photo will be on display from this coming Thursday through until September 20th at my local Centro Shopping Centre (Galleria Morley) and also online (link to be advised) and I'm now in the running to win the viewers' choice prize of a Nikon digital camera, plus the National Prize of $10,000!

So being that you are viewers, and you have a choice and all........feel absolutely free to pop to Galleria from Thursday if you happen to be in the area, otherwise as soon as I know what the online voting link is, I will let you all know so that you can, you know, if the mood strikes, maybe wander to the website and perhaps maybe cast a vote for this sweet little Mona Lisa smiling poppet of mine :)

If you like.....

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