A slight break in stampin' transmission...

...perhaps you've noticed.

So there I was, all scheduled up and sorted and thinking that I was onto something with the scheduling of posts.  And I was!  It was very satisfying to sit and sort out a fortnight worth of blog posts in one session and know that they would dutifully show up at the exact moment I had arranged them to.

The plan was to do the same thing every week or fortnight and I was very excited about the prospect of being organised about something for once!

Then some nameless, faceless and conscious-less nasty bugger somewhere out there in cyber space hacked into my blog files, planted some unwanted code into several of them, thereby breaking my blog and freaking me out in the process.

I managed to fix the blog itself, but my team forum and gallery appear unable to be resurrected, so I have spent a goodly chunk of the past couple of weeks sorting out a new online team area and diligently watching my blog files for signs of unauthorised entry!

So anyway, the reason for this post is two-fold:

  • to let you know (if you haven't all given up on me entirely by now!) that I hope to resume regular stampin' programming and scheduled blog posts again very soon - I have a few exciting things to share!
  • and also to say that if you have a Wordpress.org blog, be super vigilant for any changes in your blog files and make sure that your security is nice and tight!  I have installed a plug-in called File Monitor that emails me if there are any changes in my files and so far, so good.  You can find it in the plug-in database at wordpress.org if you're interested

Thanks for your ongoing patience :)