Hostess benefits without being a hostess....?!

Those of you who receive my newsletter will feel a slight sense of deja-vu when you read this post, as you would (hopefully!) have read this exact same thing in your inbox last week...

If you have been receiving my newsletter for a while, chances are you are familiar with the 'non-workshops' that I have run from time to time. Perhaps you have been a participant!

Well with the extra hostess benefits up for grabs this month and next, I've decided that it's the PERFECT time to run another one!

Who wants in...?!

Here's the nitty gritty......

1. In order to run the 'non-workshop', I need 6 people.

2. Those 6 people each need to place a minimum order of $100*

3. Those 6 people will then share in the associated hostess benefits as follows**:

  • 1 person will receive a Level 1 or 2 hostess set of their choice
  • * 5 people will receive $20 to spend towards their choice of catalogue merchandise
  • * The person placing the largest order over $100 will receive an additional $10 to spend towards their choice of catalogue merchandise

Considering that to get a look in at hostess rewards ordinarily requires a minimum spend of $300, I think you'll agree that this is a great opportunity!

* Not including shipping costs. A 5% charge will be added to each order as standard shipping and handling. If you are not local to Perth and therefore unable to collect your order from me, the actual cost of sending your order on to you will also need to be added to your order
** Hostess rewards may increase or decrease depending on the level of participation

I have just TWO places left in my non-workshop, so if you like the idea of some hostess benefits but don't have a workshop on your near horizon, contact me asap to grab yourself one of the spots!

Those of you who didn't receive this information in your inbox last week in the form of my newsletter might want to consider signing up to receive it, thereby ensuring that you're always among the first to know about any future awesome deals!

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