A Shout Out to Business Building Demonstrators!

When I started this crazy stampin' caper just over 3 years ago now, never in my wildest dreams could  I have expected that I could turn my paper nerd-dom into a real live job. And to be honest, it still sometimes takes me by surprise and I find myself frequently flying by the seat of my pants and not really knowing what I'm doing!  Sure the stamping is fun, and I LOVE that aspect, but as for how to run it as a business......like I said, flying by the seat of my pants seemed to be the order of the day!

Recently I discovered the Business Stampers Coaching Group - you may have noticed the graphic over on the side bar there (scroll right down!).  This is a group that is run by a guy whose business it is to know what he is talking about with regard to running a stamping business.

And he really does!

Since joining this group, I have noticed a good number of positive changes to my business and I am learning so many new things!

So to any Stampin' Up! demonstrators that happen across this here post....  If you would like to step up your business a level or twelve and really see where it can take you, or if you're not running it as a business but would like to, I encourage you to click on that graphic and take the FREE 7 day trial.

Here is a little bit of information from the group forum, just so you know what it's about and what sorts of things you stand to gain by being involved with the group:

  • NEWSLETTER EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' newsletter and evaluate it for content, design and revenue-generating effectiveness
  • FACEBOOK EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' Facebook business page and evaluate it for effectiveness in terms of generating both interest and profit for your stamping business
  • TWITTER EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' Twitter page and evaluate the content of their Tweets, offering suggestions to make them a more effective business-building tool
  • 12-MONTH BUSINESS SUCCESS PROGRAM - starting in June, this 12-month program will take a formulaic approach to helping you get from Point A to Point B, whatever that may be for you, in a specific period of time.

Of course, this is in addition to the benefits already in place:

  • Monday Morning Motivational Audio Message
  • Tuesday Coaching Challenge
  • Wednesday Business-Building Traning Video
  • Thursday Blog Evaluation Video
  • Friday/Weekend Coaching Challenge
  • Monthly Members-Only Conference Call
  • BSCG Message Board
  • Members-only discounts on SIMB products and services

All for US$19.95/month! 67 cents/day!

Even if you decide that it's not for you, you have seven days to check it out at no cost and to see for yourself whether it could help you in your business.

You really have nothing to lose!