Tiffany and I are home!


I have a new member in my stampin' team.  Her name is Tiffany.

Of all the amazing, exciting and surprising things to happen over the convention weekend in Canberra, receiving this bracelet would probably be one of THE most amazing, exciting and surprising things.  I won it for being placed third in Australia for recruiting this past year and it hasn't left my wrist since that night.

But the absolutely MOST exciting thing of all...?  Hanging out with several hundred of the people in the world that understand me best- fellow stampers - and meeting up with some wonderful demonstrators from across Australia and New Zealand that I have become great friends with and get to hang out with far too infrequently.

Want to meet some of them?  I thought so...... :)


Here are the members of A Klass Act that made the trek to convention this year.  It was SO very exciting to share this amazing event with 5 of my team and I'm pretty sure they enjoyed themselves as much as I did!  The 3am chocolate and chippies together with side splitting giggling fits after the dinner and awards night was all too reminiscent of school camp and I loved every second of it!


Here we are at make and takes.....

team-2.jpg our Dinner and Awards Night finery.......  This picture does absolutely NO justice to Ali's beret.  It's covered in black sequins, and haggling for it at Sydney airport almost made her miss her flight to Canberra, but if you had seen it I'm sure you would agree that it was worth the drama!


... and with the much photographed and ever gracious and accommodating Shelli.  I just love that lady!

And now allow me to show off unashamedly that I got to rub shoulders with some wonders of the stampin' world!

with-marelle.jpg her!  THE Marelle Taylor.  Every bit as lovely in person as she seems on her blog :)  Except that she kept giving me grief about my skinny arms...


Claire Daly - a truly wonderful combination of Art and Heart :)


Vanessa Webb and Karen Thomas - love these gals!


My dear sweet friend Linda Higgins.


Sharnee Torrents is a gorgeous chick who I've been emailing back and forth with for the past few months.  I loved that I was able to meet her in person after one of the classes that I presented (note my groovy Britney Spears microphone!)

At the awards night I made sure to grab some pics with some more of my fave stampin' buddies.


This is Teresa.  Teresa lives in Canberra and when I am with her I require hourly hugs as I miss her so much during the year.  This was one of those hugs.

Sadly, I can't put a link to Teresa's blog, as Teresa still doesn't HAVE a blog.  Anytime soon would be good T ;o)


I met Sam at the very first convention in Sydney and love to catch up with her again each year!


Same with Di - sweet thing that she is!


Queensland gals Steph and Nicki.  You guys are OSSOME!


If you need to be told who this is, you have been seriously living under a rock!  None other than the gorgeous, kind and prolific Makeesha!  This chick manages more stamping in a half hour than I seem to be able to get done in a month.  Amazing.


Marelle and Linda again, just because I can :)

I was also lucky enough to chat with some of the wonderful Stampin' Up! staff from the home office in Utah who made the journey downunder.


Jill Kocherhans is an absolute gem!  I was asked to present a class on Recruiting at convention and was fortunate to have Jill as my guiding light!  We spoke on the phone several times in the lead up to convention and emailed back and forth a whole lot too.  She is hilariously funny and just a wonderful person to be in the presence of!


Now I have to admit to having a bit of a crush on Derek.  Can you tell by the fact that my eyes have all but disappeared from smiling so much in this photo with him?!  I jest, of course - I would have to give up high heels FOREVER!  But seriously, he has done some amazing presentations at each Stampin' Up! event I have been to, and his humour and enthusiasm is boundless.


Also there were several of our very own Aussie demonstrator support staff!  The beautiful and ever helpful Amanda sat on our table at dinner but steadfastly refused to spill any secrets prior to the announcements at the awards ceremony just afterwards!


Here's our Australian Manager Aaron with his gorgeous wife Karen.  These two are just the loveliest folk, who it was my great pleasure to get to know on the Palm Cove Incentive Trip last year.  They have four delightful poppets too :)

Well that's pretty much all I have for you in the way of name dropping but I do have a few more things to share.....


This was a little convention survival pack that I made up for each of the girls in my team that came along.  I also gave one to Jill for all of her help with my presentation.

I did take part in the swapping action too, of course, but I haven't actually taken any pictures of my swap cards, or the amazing array of cards that I received in return.  Truly amazing.  Might save that for a separate post.

As for convention highlights.....?  For me they were:

  • I have already mentioned, but will do so again - the people!  I have made lifelong friendships that I never would have had I not met these wonderful folk through Stampin' Up!
  • Presenting a class - I never would have thought that this would be a highlight given how utterly terrified I was beforehand, but I really enjoyed myself and must thank those of you who kindly gave me such positive feedback :)
  • The awards - knock me down with a feather, what was a top 25 badge doing in my convention bag?!  Never thought I would see one of those this year, but I came in at number 18.  Unbelievable!  Also sales, leadership and recruiting awards, plus of course, Tiffany :)  Thanks to my wonderful team of stampers and my truly lovely customers and hostesses who contributed to these delights!

Now for those of you whose heads have not thudded lifelessly onto your keyboards yet, here are some happy touristy snaps that I took on the Sunday after convention before I flew out later that afternoon.

Canberra sure is a beautiful place!  Behold......


Actually, I lie.  This one was taken from the balcony of where we were staying on the morning of Day 2 of Convention.  There were 3 balloons flying that morning and I just HAD to get this shot of the bright yellow one sailing over Parliament House.  And I was blown away daily at the beauty of the trees in Canberra.  Stunning!


Here are the touristy ones!  This is Parliament House from the War Memorial.


The beautiful War Memorial itself


Jaz and I enjoying the sunny Sunday morning at the Botanical Gardens.

So that's where I will leave you with my version of events at Stampin' Up! Convention 2009!  Can't quite believe it's over for another year, but am super excited for Sydney 2010 :)

Perhaps you might like to join me even.....?!  Check out the specials page for the best ever deal to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator..... ;o)