At a loss for words!

It doesn't happen very often, but I can honestly say just now that I could utter nothing more than little squeaks of amazement and sighs of pleasure as I opened the contents of my mailbox about 10 minutes ago. Lookie here......




Is that not the most amazing and beautiful thing to receiveΒ  - quite out of the blue - in the post?!Β  There was also a sweet little book called A Perfect Calm in the package and the card contained such gorgeous caring words - all based on my blog post of earlier this year.

Those stampin' blog surfers among you will be familiar, I'm sure, with the person that sent it to me - Makeesha Byl - who as well as being the most amazingly talented papercrafter, is just the absolute sweetest gal you could meet.

Ok, so I found some words, but I don't know that they can truly convey just how blessed I feel to know somebody like Keesh, who is just so selfless and kind and sweet as can be.

Thank you gorgeous gal, for your thoughtfulness and caring.