Perth Regionals Presentation

A few weeks ago, I had the knee-knocking privilege of being asked to present a "Workshop Wow" at the Perth Regional Seminar and have been meaning to share my projects here ever since.  I was actually planning to do it tutorial style, but haven't managed to do so yet, so I figure I'll just show you what I did on the day and maybe follow with a tutorial another time with enough encouragement :) Something I've been having LOADS of fun with lately is boxes.  Although there are templates galore for all shapes and sizes, back in July when I wanted to package up some pens as gifts for my stampin' team, none of the existing templates I knew of were a good fit, so I went about making my own.  Since then I have played around with the same idea, just adjusting the measurements depending on what was going inside, so that was what I decided to do as my presentation!  Custom boxes based on a simple and adjustable template :) 

I must apologise in advance for the not-so-great picture quality.  In my nervous state prior to leaving for Regionals, I completely forgot to photograph my projects, and as they were handed in a samples for Stampin' Up! to keep, the only pictures I have are ones that I could get at the end of the seminar itself!

Here is the actual box that I demonstrated on the day, filled with pencils that I covered in DSP to make a funky little gift idea...


Another sample along the same lines, but with a flap over the top to close it and some ribbon to tie it together was this one using the Summer Picnic DSP from the Spring Mini.  There are a few different views here to show some of the detail -just click on the pictures for a larger view...

summer-picnic-pencil-box.jpg summer-picnic-pencil-box-close.jpg summer-picnic-pencil-box-open.jpg


Then using the exact same idea, I made a box large enough to hold a set of cards and envelopes with the Spring Flowers DSP...  The Groovy Guava ribbon wraps right around from the back, runs underneath the flap at the front and through two Jumbo Eyelets before being tied in a bow to hold the flap down.  Does that make sense...?  Hope so :)


I also had one of my original pen boxes that started my whole custom box phase there as a sample too.  So there you have it, fun and very simple (I really should work on that tutorial so you can see exactly HOW simple!) boxes for whatever you want to box up!