My Team Blogs!

I thought I would pop up a post to introduce the blogs of two of the girls in my team who have recently entered the realm of the blogging stampers! Tracey was one of the first girls to join my team and I'm SO glad she did as she lives a few streets from me, has two gorgeous girls around the same age as mine and has become a wonderful friend :)  You can find her blog "My Addinktion" here.  Trace is technique queen and always has an ear to the ground (and an eye to the internet!!) for the latest and greatest stampin' ideas that she shares with us all.

Danneil is freshly back in the stampin' arena having recently had her fourth little girl and you can find her blog here.  Prior to me showing her a catalogue back about a year and a half ago, Danneil's idea of a stamp was something that you would stick on an envelope to post it, but you will see from her beautiful creations that she has taken to stampin' like a duck to water!  What I would like to know is how she finds the time and energy with a husband, 4 kids and a house (that's always tidy!) to look after.  Dan, do feel absolutely free to share your secret with us all!

So please do visit the blogs of these very talented members of my stampin' team - you'll be glad you did :)