Tryin' something out...



(sorry for shouting, but I thought I'd better employ some kind of tactic for those who might just scan this post and leave in disgust when there are no pictures...!)

Ok, I'm going to need some opinions and feedback here peoples...  I found a really cool gallery feature in my internet travels today and thought I might try it out!  I already have a gallery (the link is over there --> under the "Home" link, but the trouble with this one is that I have to upload the photos separately to when I upload them for a blog post, so it's kinda double handling.  This sort of explains why it hasn't been updated in......oooh, it's nudging 9 months now *blush*  In fact that particular gallery is SO neglected that I haven't even updated the banner to match my actual blog!

Sooooooo, I have found and installed this new gallery and have spent the best part of this afternoon playing around, uploading pictures, creating albums and links etc etc.  The BEST part about it (being the person that updates this blog!) is that when I upload pictures to the gallery, I can go to the same place and grab a picture to insert into a blog post - see how cool this is going to be?!  No more double handling!  And for you guys, the navigation is a whole lot easier in that the gallery exists INSIDE my blog and you can simply use the sidebar for navigation to anywhere else on my site without first having to hit 'back' a gazillion times to get to the beginning - know what I mean??

The only thing that I might look into doing something about is making it a bit more obvious.  The gallery pages are actually located over there --> under the Pages heading, but they kind of blend in, so I will look into doing something about that....

So jump in, take a look around, compare it to the other Gallery that I have left there for ease of comparison (although it also makes for slight confusion given that there are two lots of "My Gallery"!).  To get started, just hit the "My Gallery" link under the Pages heading on the side bar, or alternatively you can visit the individual galleries that are listed beneath it.

READY SET GO!!  Oh, and be sure to come back and let me know what you think and which gallery you prefer!  I am counting on your honest feedback :)