Todd's blocks!!

    One of my favourite hostess sets in this year's catalogue is the So Many Sayings Level 1 set on page 19 of the Idea Book & Catalogue.  Quite literally, there are SO many sayings in this set, making it a very versatile addition to any stamp collection!  Only trouble is that the 34 different sayings or images are mounted in large groups onto only 3 blocks making it a requirement that you mask off the unwanted sayings every time you used the set.   

Inspired by these blocks but not optimistic that it would be a practical thing to have them shipped from Canada, Tracey put out the call to the group to see if any of the girls knew a handyman with the tools and know how required to make our own...  This is where it becomes extremely handy that the husband of one of our team members is a carpenter!  Enter Todd, husband of Jo who was happy to oblige and knocked up these:

todd blocks

34 sayings and tiny rows of images all individually mounted - woo hoo!  I cut and mounted them a couple of nights ago and have had several practices with them since.  They are FABULOUS!  Of course once they are all mounted, they take up quite a bit more space than the original box they came in.  Happily, my set of Big Pieces has been rattling around in a box that is waaaay too big for the number of stamps in the set.  I had always wondered why this was the case, but it worked out perfectly as I just swapped over the boxes and now each set fits perfectly!  Here is the So Many Saying set all mounted and boxed up:

todd blocks in box

How cool is that?  Even cooler, is that Todd (bless him!) has indicated that he would be happy to knock up a few more sets for anybody interested in separating out their So Many Sayings stamps.  Interested?  They are available for the bargain price of $6.50 (plus postage if you're not local to Perth).  Not a bad price for a set of 34 word stamps!  If you'd like to get your hands on a set of Todd's blocks, just let me know and I will put you in touch with Jo!