I hate to say that I have actually been tagged before, but never did anything about passing it on....  This time, the lovely Sam has tagged me, so I thought I'd play along for a bit of fun! This is how it works...

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

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Ok, so here goes... (I think this is the hardest part - thinking of 7 things that people reading might find even remotely interesting!!)

1. I used to speak fairly fluent Japanese and Indonesian and have spent time living in both countries.  Nowadays I don't get to use my languages so they have kind of fallen away unfortunately, but I can still understand quite a bit, especially Indonesian, which is easier.  One of the coolest things I did in Japan (15 years ago now!) was meet my mum's penpal from when she was a teenager.  I wrote to the address I had for him from all those years ago and the letter got to him via his sister who was still in the same house.  I met him and his wife and two kids and stayed with them for a few days - awesome!

2. I have climbed two mountains in my time (so far!).  Mt Fuji in Japan and Mt. Merbabu in central Java.  Both amazing experiences and ones I will remember for a very long time.

3. And on the subject of climbing, I met my husband in an indoor climbing gym!  One of those places with all the different coloured little knobs all over the walls and ropes everywhere, for the uninitiated :)  We used to climb at least once a week, both indoor and outdoor at the gorgeous quarries east of Perth.

4. I got married almost 7 years ago on Rottnest Island, a gorgeous place almost 20km off the coast of Western Australia.  We had a Sunday morning ceremony in the little church on top of the hill, followed by a brunch reception.  Most of our friends and family stayed the weekend and it was the most amazing day of my life - mostly because of the bloke I married :)

5.  I have small babies!  Both my girls stopped growing towards the end of my pregnancies and had to be born by c-section - Hannah came at 34.5 weeks (4lb 9oz) and Sophie at 36 weeks (5lb 1oz).  Both spent a couple of weeks in the special care nursery being fed by naso-gastric tube but you wouldn't know now that either of them had a bit of a shaky start to life!

6. I have been this tall (176cm or 5' 91/2") since I was 13 years old.  I was in the centre of the last row in my Year 8 school photo and made my way down the rows in subsequent years as the boys overshot me!

7. This is exciting (for me anyway) as it's only just happened two days ago!!  We have two new cars!  They are not new new, but they are now to us :) We traded in my old Mazda that I've had for 12 years and our Rav4 that was getting a bit small and now have a lovely Hyundai Santa Fe and a zippy little Barina as the second car for whoever doesn't have the kids!  Sweet!  Wanna see??

santa fe for blog

barina for blog    

So here ends the 7 scintillating and totally amazing facts about me!  I'm not sure that I can think of 7 people to nominate that haven't been tagged a gazillion times before!  I'm just gonna put some names down and see how we go...








There you go girls, play along if you feel like it.  I'm supposed to go and leave messages on their blogs to let them know they've been tagged, but it's taken me SO long to write this post that it's WAY past my bedtime!  I'll have to get to that in the morning... :)