Relay for Life - the winner!!

Well, I couldn't actually tell you who the winner of the Relay itself was.  In terms of the running it would've been the young blokes in the green singlets who were going for gold!  Or it could've been the fellow in the purple sash which indicated that he was running the whole thing solo - all 24 hours of it!  He's a winner in anybody's book I reckon!  Overall it would've been the Cancer Foundation and those who will benefit from the money raised :)

My mate Jules was a winner too!  Here she is with her handsome fella following her completion of the Survivor's Walk:

As for the winner of the Simply Sent kit....?  Well that would be Pauline whose number was randomly drawn after I received all the sponsorship payments!  Woo hoo!!  I will be in touch shortly Pauline to hand you your winnings :)

Thanks to all of you who generously supported this most worthy of causes.  I'm thinking next year we get a stampin' team together for the relay...  Who's in?!