Convention '08 - the wrap up!


I am SO excited to share some of the highlights of the Brisbane convention that took place just this past weekend.  It came and went FAR too quickly, but I have LOADS of photos to remember all the fun and excitement and am going to have a little show and tell session right here!  So buckle up folks, this is going to be a long one.....!

Fragile and Heavy

First I just HAVE to show you this cute shot of my girls at the airport before we left.

The lady that checked us in gave the girls these stickers just to amuse them for 5 minutes, but I'm not sure she realised how apt they were!  They amused us and other passers by for a bit longer as they wandered around the airport with them stuck to their shirts!

airport with mumThis next one is of mum and I while we waited for our flight to be called.  Hope you don't mind me putting your picture up on the net Nanny :)  (Thursday!!!)

The flight itself was as good as could be expected with a 19 month old in tow.  There was a total in-flight chuppa chup ban as a result of the funny (although I'm sure it wasn't at the time!) story that my stampin' friend Gail told me.  Other than the grumpy bugger in front of us that complained when Hannah was just getting her tray table out for dinner, it was mostly uneventful!

I must just get in a quick plug for the delightful La Toretta bed and breakfast in South Brisbane where we stayed for the five days we were there.  Dorothy and Charles have set up a gorgeous little spot and we completely settled in and made ourselves at home.  Highly recommended if you find yourself in need of accommodation with easy access to Brisbane city :)

My absolute FAVOURITE thing about convention was catching up with people that I first met in Sydney last year, meeting up with girls that I had previously only 'known' via email or blogging, and having the opportunity to meet some of my stamping idols.  (WARNING, SERIOUS NAME DROPPING AHEAD!!)  Here's a bit of an overview of some of the gorgeous folk I got to hang out with on the weekend...

with vicki

Last year's winner of Demonstrator of the Year and all 'round cool chick Viiiiicki Deeeeeean!


with Sam

Gorgeous Sam who I met last year in Sydney and LOVED catching up with again!  This girl is a CRACK-UP and always makes me smile :)


with teresa 2

The awesomely talented and occasionally potty-mouthed Teresa who NEEDS TO SET UP A BLOG so that we can all see her amazing work!


with Trish

Lovely Trish who I FINALLY got to meet in real life after emailing back and forth throughout the year.


with Di

Another blog-buddy Di who always has lovely things to say in the comments section of my blog :)  Go check out the gorgeous stuff she makes!


with Linda

Lovely Linda the very humble and VERY deserving winner of 6th place in Demonstrator of the Year '08!


with Madonna

Fabulous Madonna, who frightened the life out of me when she came barelling up to me at the Leadership session on Friday night before I realised who she was!!


Naomi Palm Cove pins

Here I am with Naomi, who along with Gail, adopted me to their teams over the weekend!  The little green pins are for the Palm Cove Incentive Trip that we both earned and are going to with 23 other demonstrators in August this year!


pin twins

Gorgeous Marelle, my pin twin (we got exactly the same awards in Brisbane!) with whom my Stampin' Up! journey has been amazingly similar :)


with Aaron

This is Aaron our Australian Stampin' Up! Manager - really nice bloke :)


with tim at dinner

This handsome fella was my hot date for the awards dinner!  Scrubs up pretty good huh?!

Speaking of the dinner, look who else was there....

with shelli

SHELLI!!!  This woman is amazing and is the reason that I have a job that I love and get to hang out with 300 or so like minded crazy stampers every year :)  I got to hug her 4 times on stage for the different award categories and I even stepped on her foot - oops!  She promised me it didn't hurt....


with wendy

Wendy from Inverell, AKA the Lady in Red - sweet, bubbly and just plain fun!

 with marelle

Here's Marelle again, all gorgeous and bling-ed up!!


with Alisa

Oh and then I got to hang out with Alisa for a while - every bit as sweet (and cute!) as she is talented, which is a LOT!!  I did warn you there would be name dropping....


with Karen

And here is Karen, another of my blog buddies that I was so excited to meet!  I started seeking her out as soon as I arrived as I wanted to make sure I got one of her amazing swaps!!!

Speaking of swaps, here is the selection that I made to swap - many of which were completed at 2am on the Thursday night immediately prior to convention!  Thanks to mum sticking and tying and bagging with me, it wasn't a 5am finish!!  I actually think I may have damaged a nerve in my right middle finger from cutting out 48 flowers in one sitting - I still have limited feeling in the fingertip!

But enough about my stamping related injuries, here are my swaps (click on the thumbnails to see the full cards):

swap 5  swap 6 

swap 7  swap 1  swap 2

swap 4  swap 3  swap 8

I ended up with somewhere between 60 and 70 cards to swap, and here's what I scored in return...


Instant array of fabulous ideas!!  Gotta love a card swap :)

As for the stuff we actually made while we were at convention, here you go.  Gorgeous watercoloured cards, a funky scrapbook page, another fun card using the fabulous Happiness background stamp and a sweet little box:

flowers love note  hedgehog love note

scrapbook page  scrapbook page close

friend card  chipboard box


Finally, I am delighted to share with you my excitement in being named the 9th placed demonstrator in Australia.  This also makes me 2nd top in Western Australia, which pretty much blows my mind!  HUGE congratulations to Ngaire Anderson - another person who needs to set up a blog! - for being number one in WA and also top in the whole of Australia!  As mentioned earlier, I am also one of 25 lucky stampers heading to Palm Cove in August for a 5 day luxury holiday, all expenses paid by Stampin' Up!  All in all an amazing year and one that I could never have predicted when this whole stampin' caper started almost two years ago.

Actually, that wasn't the final thing I wanted to say.  The most important thing is a HUGE thanks to my biggest supporters in my handsome man Tim and my wonderful mum.  Thanks also to Aunty Mary who made sure to have a congratulations card (hand made of course!) in my mail box for me upon our arrival home :)  My amazing team of stampers who are such great fun to hang out and stamp with.  My wonderful hostesses and customers who have become my friends along the way.   And those of you who come and visit me here (and actually READ what I write - hi Pat!!!) and make this whole blogging thing a big bunch of fun.