Bake Sale!

   I have some stuff to share!  Quite a lot actually, bit I think I'll space it out a little to keep you entertained for longer than 5 minutes :)

A couple of weeks ago there was a community fair in the main street of our suburb.  Does anybody else just LOVE this kind of event, or is it just me?!  They blocked off the street, had bouncy castles and merry-go-rounds, fairy floss and craft stalls, helium balloons, face painting etc etc.  FUN FUN FUN!

choc cookies

My daughter's school held a cake stall as a bit of a fundraiser (raising around $1500 mind you, so not a bad little effort!) and each year level had a different thing they were asked to contribute so as to ensure a bit of variety at the stall.  It's at this point that I am thankful that I have only one school aged child as baking is not something I do very well.  Packaging however, I LOVE as is evidenced in the picture to the right!

I found these great little white cardboard trays locally and got a few to play with.  I ended up using two of them for my double choc cookies (thanks Janny for the recipe!!) ans my contribution to the stall.  The strips of paper wrapped around it are from the Au Chocolat range in the current (but not for much longer!!) Summer Mini - quite fitting for the purpose I thought :)

choc cookies tag

Here is a close up of the tag - Bodacious Bouquet in Rose Red, Sage Shadow and Choc Chip on Confetti Cream card (LOVE that stuff!) and held on by some of the delectable wide chocolate grosgrain, also from the Summer Mini. 

I am guessing that somebody probably bought the cookies just to get the piece of ribbon - that's the kind of thing I would do, but hopefully having done that they also weren't too horrified by my baking efforts.  I actually had a few cookies left over and they weren't TOO bad....!