Happy Blogiversary to me!

I have SO much to share in the way of stuff I have been making but haven't had a SINGLE second to get on here and post any of it - sorry!  I have plans to get some stuff up here soon though.....promise!! I just wanted to post quickly to share the fact that today is my first blogging anniversary, or blogiversary as I have heard it referred to (such a cute term!)

I have had a blast sharing my little stampin' bits and pieces on here and it blows me away how many people come to check out my stuff!  Sure myself, my mum and my aunty make up a LOT of the hits, but not all 35,000 or so of them, surely?!!

So I want to take a moment to say thanks to those of you who come and visit and make my little counter tick over; a special thanks to those who leave comments and warm my heart with your encouraging words and the lovely things you say; an extra special thanks to my fellow bloggers, who have inspired many of the projects that I post on here and most especially to Stampin' Up! who brought their stampin' goodness to Australia almost two years ago and allowed me to embark on this journey that has provided me with new friends, a new job, new ideas and a LOAD of new stamps and accessories at a fabulous discount!!!

I think the occasion calls for a little celebration, so I will endeavour to put together a little swag of goodies to give away in the next couple of days....stay tuned! :)