A white hot Christmas!

Summer took its sweet time coming in Perth this year, but it arrived yesterday in a great big hurry! From mild mid-20's last week to a stinking 40+ degrees on Christmas day yesterday!! Today it hit almost 44 degrees, (which is, in case anybody has stumbled across my blog from afar, 111 degrees farenheit) and right now at 7.13pm, it is still almost 37 degrees! Needless to say, today was spent in a fairly mellow fashion, firstly have a clear out and re-arrange of my kids' toy area to make way for their incredible Christmas stash (can anybody say spoiled rotten?!), and I'm happy to report that I have prepared a few blog posts that will pop up over the next couple of days!

Thankfully tomorrow's forecast is only early 30's....phew!

And now please indulge me as I share some Christmas day pictures of my delightful children....! (Click on the thumbnails for larger images)

hannah bike soph with presents hugging sisters


sophie smile hannah bike 2 hannah present