Wedding of the Year!

This past weekend I was bridesmaid for my best friend of 17 years as she married the man of her dreams!

Yay Jules and Grant!!

It was the most beautiful day - just the right mix of emotion, happiness, laughter and of course glamour! Jules was a stunning bride and Grant a very dashing groom.

The year leading up to the wedding was not short of dramas, but not the kind you would normally associate with a wedding. In March this year, Jules was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, soon to be upgraded to stage 4 once it was discovered to also be in her bone marrow. After 6 months of fortnightly chemotherapy and 5 weeks of daily radiotherapy, she was given the all clear just weeks before her big day. She was such a trooper throughout the whole ordeal - a fabulous example of positive thinking at its best. I know for a fact that the time was made that much easier for her just by the fact that she had Grant with her every step of the way. Truly a match made in heaven :)

Having known Jules since we sat together during Year 11 Chemistry, we have been through all of each others' highs and lows and she is also beloved Godmother of my eldest daughter. I loved that I was standing next to her as she married her handsome fella - thanks Jules and Grant for being such an important and wonderful addition to our lives :)