My Customers ROCK!

So yesterday I was driving around with my littlies dropping off some All in the Family stamp sets to my customers. First stop was Ali who had told me she "couldn't wait to get her hands on them" a few days prior! At the time of delivery she was in the midst of making school Christmas concert costumes, but apparently these got quietly put aside with the arrival of her stamps! The reason I KNOW this is because she called me within half an hour to tell me she'd found a CUTE thing to do with the legs of the little man stamp! She made them into a golf bag!! And the addition of some of the legs from the other stamps, he has golf clubs!! Of course I just HAD to give this one a crack, so here is my little golfing man. I was so excited to share that he hasn't even made it onto a card yet!


If you want to have a go, carefully ink up the long pants with the little feet at the bottom so that you don't get any ink on the 'inside leg' of the pants. When you stamp it upside down you have the outside of the golf bag with two short clubs sticking out! The addition of some other 'clubs' (legs) of varying lengths, and there you have it!

Of course you first need the stamp set in question and today is the VERY last opportunity you have to get it at the special price of $59.95 (plus postage) and contribute to the Abbott family fund at the same time. As of a couple of days ago, there had been just on 4000 of these sets sold with all of the proceeds going to the family. But EVERY little bit counts, so if you still want a set email me NOW!