It's waaaaay past my bedtime.....

....but my camera battery ran out this evening right as I was about to take a picture of a fun project I finished this afternoon - most unfriendly thing to do! So I filled in some time stampin' and now with my fully charged camera battery, I bring you this:

DP box

I found the box for $5 in the Reject Shop earlier today. It is made of a light wood (balsa???) and just crying out for the Designer Paper treatment, don't you think? I was just itching to get going with it, so I didn't take a before picture, but imagine a plain, pale wooden box with 9 compartments and a little latch and hinged lid, and you just about have it :) Here it is from another angle:

DP box 1

I used different bits of the delicious Petals & Paisley Designer Paper from the Spring mini to cover the box and also the big flower shape from the On Board Accents. The centre of the flower is one of the stamps from Big Pieces - also from the mini - and on top of that I have a clear button held on with two brads.

I haven't thought as far as to what might be housed in the different compartments.... jewellery...? beads...? Any ideas....? It would make a sweet gift filled with an assortment of delights, don't you think?!