Father's Day gifts for Kindy - part I

Following on from the little Mother's Day gifts that I made for the Kindy stall, with Father's Day coming up, I had to come up with a similar idea for the dads! I find blokey things to be that little bit more difficult to create, but thankfully (as they have many times before...) Splitcoast came to my rescue!

shirt bags

I thought these little shirt bags were the most adorable idea, and soooo easy to make! They are just made from a plain old paper bag (white, kraft and turquoise in this case), then with a couple of folds, some cutting and the addition of a stylish designer paper tie, there you have it! I made 7 of them all with different ties and filled them with assorted toffees- these are three of the collection. The idea is actually from a gallery within Splitcoast called the Dirty Dozen Fan Club, which has an annual fee associated with it if you want to belong. The ideas hidden away within are just so amazing though, so I consider it to be totally worth the cost. Click here to find out more about the Fan Club.

I have another idea for some more gifts so will hopefully have them done in a few days and will put them up here too :)