New stampin' space!

I have done an enormous overhaul of my stampin' space and thought I'd share it with you :) Actually, to the uninitiated, it may not look so terribly enormous as overhauls go, but had you seen the before pictures (of which there actually aren't any as I am not inclined to show my sloth-like side to the internet surfing public!!) you would be incredibly impressed! The prelude to this overhaul was my thinking that I needed a load more desk space as I was always stamping on top of teetering piles of stuff instead of a pristine neat surface. My darling husband's voice of reason spoiled that particular line of thought by pointing out that it wasn't a bigger desk that I needed, but more storage so that I could have a place to put things away and they didn't live permanently on my desk taking up all my stampin' space.

Enter my new best friends Alex, Billy and Amon! They are now permanently resident in my craft room and they are so very welcome! My best best friend is Alex. This is him:


Alex hides away all my tools, paper trimmers, colouring in stuff, punches and some business stuff too! he is the main reason that my workspace will remain clear and stamp-able at all times! Here is a peek inside:


Next there is Billy. Actually three of him. This is where all my business stuff, stamps, magazines, cardstock and lots of other things reside. There is even space for stuff that I don't own yet - free space!! DSCN6097 1 DSCN6098 1

There is still some sorting out to do with the stuff that the three Billies are holding, but for the most part, it is done!

Here is Amon - look how clean and tidy he is!!


On the left are my ink pads and over to the right are my bin and paper scraps bucket. Also a notebook and pen for when inspiration strikes! I am usually very much a "random piece of paper" note taker, but there is no room in my new organisational system for the storage of random pieces of paper, so the notebook it is :)

To the left of Amon is a pantry cupboard that houses all of my non-Stampin' Up! stuff - all tucked away neatly here:


And here ends the tour of my new room! Whaddya think?? Hopefully it will inspire a lot more creativity as previously it would be a mammoth task to make anything as I had to either clean up first, (after I had picked my way across the room through piles of stuff!) or haul stuff out to the lounge room and pack it all away again afterwards! I'll be under pressure to prove myself now!!!

Speaking of stampin' spaces, check this one out! It is the most delightful place and I was so very envious when I saw it! We all need something to aspire to...... *sigh*